I help LGBTQIA+ and queer folks design lives that affirm them. Queer folks are often pushed out of public spaces, institutions, and media. We may carry trauma from experiencing inequality, living or working in unaffirming environments, or witnessing acts of violence against our community. Affirm By Design promotes queer autonomy to design our own spaces, create our own media, and heal ourselves and our communities. 

About Me

Hey, I’m Michaella (she/her). I’m a queer femme with a degree in Human Rights and 7+ years of experience as a photographer, blogger, and designer. I currently work as a marketing strategist and coach for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs.

As a queer woman, a person with anxiety/depression/trauma, and a multi-passionate creative, I never fit the mold of a traditional 9-5. Most workplaces are heteronormative & patriarchal – even the ones run by women. So in 2020, I designed my own business. I feel the most aligned and creative I have ever felt, and I want to help you feel that way too.

Placeholder until I can take some new photos. I’m on the left. On the right is my partner Carolyn.

Many of us start our own businesses seeking freedom – to decide our own hours, to explore our creativity, and to share our skills and gifts with the world to make an impact. However, without some kind of structure, we may start to experience the same burnout we did in our 9-5. I experienced this at first as I juggled being a new business owner on top of my full time job.

I realized that the key is having a sustainable marketing strategy. By showing up consistently online and building your brand identity, you will be able to reach your ideal clients while achieving the lifestyle and freedom you crave.

I will help you run and market your business with ease. It doesn’t have to feel hard! Especially as queer folks, we may carry an expectation that things are going to be harder for us. While structural oppression is still present on social media, I have also found more freedom in running my own business than I have in any organization or institution. Both are true. I will help you navigate this duality and show up fully in your business.