Why I Design Brands In Canva (& Why I Don’t Design Logos)

My mission is to teach queer service providers about brand strategy and brand design, making these topics accessible and empowering queer folks to succeed in their businesses.

Since one of my values is to make running a business more accessible to the queer community, I use the design tool which I consider to be the most accessible and user-friendly: Canva. In my unsponsored opinion, Canva is the single most impactful tool you can introduce into your operations.

Canva empowers you by giving simplifying content creation and giving you your time and energy back! Once you have worked with a professional to establish a color palette, font suite, and templates, you won’t have to struggle through the visual design aspect of content creation: you can just plug in your images and text. Simplifying content creation and marketing in this way gives you your time and energy back, especially if you are a solopreneur doing it all on your own!

I want to make two important notes. First, there are certain trade-offs that come with using Canva that I will highlight throughout this blog post. Second, it is crucial to know that my clients are virtual service providers. Although they may develop digital products such as e-books and courses, they do not usually sell physical products.

Branding Is More Than A Logo

Branding is “a strategy designed by companies to help people to quickly identify their products and organization, and give them a reason to choose their products over the competition.” (Source: thebrandingjournal.com)

Branding, or brand strategy, includes but is not limited to:

  • Brand mission, story, and values
  • Visual identity including color palette, font suite, and logos*
  • Communications via social media, website, email, ads
  • Client/customer experience
  • Personal branding
  • Content strategy
  • Product packaging design*

*You will see I have starred two items: logos and product packaging design. These are areas where trademark may come into play.

What Is A Logo? (& Why Can’t I Design One In Canva?)

As you can tell, logo design is not all there is to branding. They are crucially important to businesses that sell physical products, but not as essential for digital service providers.

A logo is an “easily recognizable graphic symbol that identifies a company, product, or entity.” (Source: The Branding Journal) 

Your logo must be unique, and you must be able to trademark it. (Source: BlakSheep Creative) The issue with Canva is that no design can be unique enough to meet the standards of a true logo. Canva has stated itself that you cannot trademark any logo created in Canva. 

BlakSheep Creative highlighted additional reasons why Canva cannot be used for more complex graphic design projects such as logo design: there are limited customization options, and designs cannot be exported as high quality vectors. (Source: BlakSheep Creative)

Why You Probably Don’t Need A Logo

I do not believe a logo is necessary for service providers – in fact I think many business owners hide behind their logos instead of leaning into personal branding which can greatly enhance their brand success! (I’ll dive into personal branding in my next post.)

There are other symbols and markers I can design in Canva that function similarly to a logo, but ultimately cannot be trademarked. I provide these types of assets for my clients instead! They don’t need to be unique, high quality, or complex. These should be included in all communications to create a sense of cohesion and make sure your business name is on your work. These ultimately cost much less to design yet function the same! This again has the effect of making branding a business more financially accessible to the queer community.

In the case that a service provider expands into selling physical products, it might be a good idea to work with a graphic designer who specializes in logos and product packaging. That is a very specific type of design that requires an expert in that area.

Work With Me

If you are ready to design a brand and content strategy that works for YOU, book a free 15-minute Clarity Call and let’s chat!


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