Why I Design Brands In Canva (& Why I Don’t Design Logos)

My mission is to teach queer service providers about brand strategy and brand design, making these topics accessible and empowering queer folks to succeed in their businesses.

Since one of my values is to make running a business more accessible to the queer community, I use the design tool which I consider to be the most accessible and user-friendly: Canva. In my unsponsored opinion, Canva is the single most impactful tool you can introduce into your operations.

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How To Choose A Color Palette For Your Brand

When starting to define your visual brand, I recommend starting with color! Color can evoke emotion and reflect your brand values. If used incorrectly, it can leave your audience feeling confused and uninterested.

Color is also the #1 way to create brand recognition. I recommend using your colors everywhere, even in Instagram stories and reels.

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